Setting up Voice Mail Box


PISD Voice Mail


From a PISD district phone: 22189

From an outside location: 469-752-2189




Getting Started (setting up your mailbox)



      1. Login to the PISD Voice Mail System.


        • Dialing 22189 or Press the message button on your phone



        1. Enter your PISD Voice Mail box number




          Enter your PISD Voice Mail password.



          Note: *The first time you login your password will be your voice mail box number.

          *Upon your first login you will be asked to change your password.



        3. Enter a new password.


        5. Verify your new password.



        7. Follow the prompts to record your greetings.



          • Personal Verification:
            • This greeting assists callers when by dialing by name and to verify the have reached correct person’s mailbox.
              • Name
              • Ext
              • Department
          • Unavailable Message:
            • This is the greeting the caller will hear when the call transfers to your voicemail box.

            • Busy Message:
              • This is the message the caller will hear when you are currently on the phone or have set your phone to DND.



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