Installing HP Scanjet FlatBed Scanners

Installing HP Scanjet Flatbed Scanners



This procedure is used to install models 7400 and 8200 and related versions within the series. The drivers for these models are part of the Windows 7 OS.


*Please note that the HP 6300 series is NOT compatible as it is not supported.


  • Power the scanner, but do not connect the USB cable
  • Login to the computer, then perform a full restart (to clear cached machine info)
  • Login in and go to Devices and Printers
  • Connect the USB and the scanner should appear as an unknown device and will show a yellow triangle
  • Right-click the scanner icon and select Properties
  • Click the Hardware tab, then Properties again
  • Click the Drivers tab, then Update Driver
  • Select to search online and the drivers will be located and installed automatically from the root directory
    • If it instantly fails to find the driver, unplug the scanner, restart and try again



If you still have a problem loading the scanner, please contact the Help Desk @28767

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