How to Share an Outlook Calendar

Sharing an outlook Calendar

                      Click Calendar in the lower left corner of Outlook.
    1. On the left, under My Calendars, check the box next the desired calendar you would like to share.
    2. Right Click on the calendar you would like to share.
    3. Select properties
    4. Click the permissions tab and click Add.
    5. Search for the staff member in the add users box and double click the name to add.
    6. Clik OK.
    7. Repeat until all desired members have been added.
    8. Highlight the member and click the permissions drop-down box and select the level of access you would like each member to have.
    9. Click OK


  Note:  Once you grant rights the member will need to add your calendar to their outlook client.

Instructions to access a shared calendar:

Accessing a shared Calendar?
To access a shared calendar you will need to add the calendar to your outlook desktop.
1. Click Calendar in the lower left corner of Outlook.
2. On the ribbon, select the home tab.
3. Select the Open Calendar drop down arrow.
4. Select from address book.
5. Enter the name of your campus in the search field.
6. Select the desired campus calendar
(Double Click)
7. Your shared calendar will now appear in your shared calendar list.








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