Dymo Printer Install



Look for the DymoLabelWriter-Library in the App Depot.  Installation instructions are included in this email.  You should be able to run the install yourself. If the Dymo printer is currently plugged into the computer, unplug it first.



Installation Instructions:




•             Launch the DymoLabelWriter-Library application from the App Depot. The installer will appear.

                         Be patient-- it takes a few seconds for it to compile.

•             Select OK and the Select Language screen (English should be default).

•             Next at the Setup screen

•             I agree at the License screen

•             Next at the Installation Type screen

•             Click Finish and wait for the screen to disappear (don’t panic if it turns white first).

•             Click Yes at the Registry Editor.

•             Click OK.

•             The Templates installer will appear briefly.  This file copies the library template to c:\Users\Public\Public Documents and creates additional shortcuts in PISD Apps. 

•             Plug in the Printer via USB Cable .You will see the “found new hardware” icon in the system when it is installing but will not be presented any prompt screens. (If “found new hardware” is not displayed but you hear a sound when you connect the printer, verify the Dymo printer is showing under installed printers in control panel.

•             Launch the Dymo Label software from the desktop icon.

•             Select Next at the Welcome screen.

•             Next at the Location screen

•             Next at the Product Registration screen

•             Uncheck  Join the Dymo Product Improvement Program and click Finish.

•             Click Ok to launch the browser.

•             Close the browser and minimize all other screens until you see the Dymo screen- -you do not

                        have to enter any information.

•             When the program launches, click File/Open/Libraries (from the left column)/Documents and browse down to your Library Card Label templates and choose one.

•             Click Open and Print to verify the printer is set up correctly.

•             The first time you launch any Microsoft product such as MS Word, you may notice it loading the Dymo Label Add-In and will be prompted to Install the customization.  If so prompted, Click on Install. You will not be prompted again once the install is complete.


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